12 more expected releases of the Photokina 2008


To 1 of the oldest and main events in the world of the visual industry there were only a few weeks. Experts in areas of shooting, processing and the press at an exhibition it is expected more than ever. We prepared the small list of more expected releases of an exhibition in Cologne:

1. Canon 5D Mark II (7D, 3D, 6D). Substitution of one of more successful SLR cameras with a full-size matrix, few years being the uncompromising decision for all photographers, without considering, perhaps, newspaper photographers — because of small speed of serial shooting. On the last hearings, the chamber has 21 Megapixel the latest CMOS matrix, is capable to remove 5 shots in a second. 3,2" LCD from 920 000 pixels, also shooting of video should become the worthy reply of the company to Nikon D700 and D90. Possibility of release of 2 models one of which will be closer to prosjyumersky zerkalka, as 50D, and another — to professional chambers 1D is not excluded. Obviously, it concerns both a functional, and the price.

12 more expected releases of the Photokina 2008

2. Sony A900. the 1st polnoformatny Sony SLR camera is announced to release specifically on Photokina 2008. Two years the model of the chamber and the detector drove about on exhibitions, time to behold light came. On a board of Sony it is necessary to wait and new lenses from Carl Zeiss. Cost for 24 Megapixels, "minoltovsky" ergonomics and the built-in batareyny handle will make about $2000 or below. The eminent Japanese brand is going to deduce it in price category prosjyumersky a zerkalok and if everything goes successfully, Canon and Nikon should invent the impracticable again.

12 more expected releases of the Photokina 2008

3. Micro Four Thirds. The decision скооперировать small-sized dimensions and replaceable optics will cause probably enthusiasm in weight of buyers, in particular at women.

12 more expected releases of the Photokina 2008

4. Nikon D3x. About new a leader we learned from a program code of updating of an insertion for D3. Through certain time water continued to stir up Ken Rokvell and Tom Hogan, according to their versions, it will appear later, but here it is impossible to tell probably.

12 more expected releases of the Photokina 2008

5. Samsung in the spring promised that will develop the polnoformatny SLR camera. Taking in attention cooperation in almost all technical qualities, it in a condition to make and Pentax. Not including it, precisely it is necessary to expect the model of the hybrid system — analog of Micro Four Thirds from alliance Olympus and Panasonic.

6. Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII and Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8 IS lenses. The market of SLR cameras specifies good characteristics of growth therefore new lenses will present many companies.

7. Pentax K2000. The company inventor of the SLR camera in that look in what it also reached till these days, maybe, will present economical model of the K2000 SLR camera. Okhoto to note that on K20 and K200 functional in own categories a cut above rivals, but the market shred at Pentax is small as before.

8. Leica M8. The Dalnomerny chamber with the polnoformatny detector. As well as all leykovsky, will be as high-quality, as well as darling probably — beyond adequacy. But of what it is possible to be sure — own followers of Leica will find. For interview to a magazine in what certain information on chamber release revealed, cruel Germen dismissed the executive director of the company.

9. Olympus prepares something average between E3 and E520 SLR cameras. Also there were hearings concerning the detector Panasonic HDR which is removing, forgive for a tautology, HDR photos.

10. Sigma already finishes one more development on the basis of the detector Foveon — the follower of SD14, the SD15 SLR camera. It is necessary to expect and two new compacts of a DP series with big APS – C-sensors of the same Foveon company, and one of them — not about a fix, and about a zoom lens.

11. Casio will present the newest model of sensational Casio EX-F1 with its 300 pictures in a second (60 in full permission of 6 Megapixels). The border between cameras and chambers becomes more and more dim.

12 more expected releases of the Photokina 2008

12. Canon G10. It was for the first time lit on the website PopPhoto, photos and specifications were instantly cleaned. Generally, this model is expected in a format of expensive, elegant retrosoap trays. Analogs: Canon G9, Lumix Lx-3 and Ricoh GR II Digital.

12 more expected releases of the Photokina 2008

Hunting to note that all this is only an iceberg top. Unclear, how many innovatorsky technologies and gadgets will bring Photokina, but them will be very much, strongly there is a lot of.

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