Acer represents a mini-projector K10

Acer represents a mini-projector K10
The new office of the Acer company does not belong to fashionable now to a class of piko-projectors which simply are located in a pocket. But its sizes (12,7 x 12,2 cm) it is perceptible less, than at traditional DLP projectors.

The K10 model uses LED technology that refusal of lamp substitution, absence of harmful substances and 30 % power consumption fall on comparison to classical devices means. Not including that, with its help the overestimated contrast and the accuracy are provided, permitting to receive the high-quality image (in proportions 16:9 and 4:3) on the display with a diagonal to 60 inches.

Инфы about the projector prices while is not present. But there is a hope that it will be so small, as well as its dimensions.

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