AF SnakeCams — the chamber snake using watery lenses

Varioptic and Akkord Shenzhen Electronics presented the devices which are based on new development — so called watery lens. Models are called as AF SnakeCams S1300 and S2000.

AF SnakeCams — the chamber snake using watery lenses

The watery lens represents a water drop (заместо it what carrying-out liquid can be used not very well) which "slams" between 2 drops of oil. This "sandwich" is located in a cover from glass or transparent plastic. Water as it is clear, does not mix up with oil therefore for exact division of both liquids it is not required to use any additional parts such as membranes or iron rings.

On water small controllable tension moves. Under its influence the drop changes the form: the tension is higher, the more extended it becomes.

It is dependent on the tension submitted on a drop of water, the lens with that lens changes focal length indefinitely, and all system together with the electronic scheme is so small that can be used even in chambers of mobile phones.

Advantages at technology the subsequent: high speed of autofocusing when shooting with frequency of 30 shots in a second, thus this process completely silent. Mobile parts are absent, and cost and power consumption are low.

The price of AF SnakeCams S1300 and S2000 USB chambers makes about $20, their permission — 1,3 and 2,0 Megapixels respectively.

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