At Nikon 24-fold superzoom of Coolpix P90

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In a month to the PMA exhibition 2009 companies making photoequipment, started to represent the novelties. The Nikon company decided to amaze with a small-sized camera of Coolpix P90 which lens clasps a big range of focal lengths: from 26 to 624 mm (EFR) that corresponds to 24-fold optical "zoom". The greatest diaphragm in this range changes from f/2,8 to f/5,0.

At Nikon 24-fold superzoom of Coolpix P90

The chamber is constructed on the basis of the sensor of the image of the CCD type of a standard size of 1/2,33 inches having permission of 12,1 Megapixels. It is equipped with the stabilizer of the image and the three-inch screen with a changeable tilt angle. According to the representative of the company, Coolpix P90 is «the bridge of boundaries small-sized chambers and DSLR».

At Nikon 24-fold superzoom of Coolpix P90

It is possible to carry macroshooting possibility to pluses of the chamber — the small distance of focusing is equal 1 see. Series shooting to 45 pictures with a speed to 15 shots in a second is provided. The greatest sensitivity is equal to ISO 6400. The large quantity of automatic functions and complete control over installations in manual modes (PSAM) is available to the user. Namely, function of definition of the persons is realized, capable to find in a shot to 12 persons and to correct an exposition such makary to provide the best transfer of corporal flowers. The chamber is armed with the electric view-finder.

The chamber has about 50 MB of internal memory. For expansion the SD/SDHC socket is used. One charging аккума suffices EN-EL5 entering into a set (that source is used in the Coolpix P80 chamber) approximately on 230 pictures. The charger, USB cable, a cable also comes into a set for connection to a TV set, a lens cover, a thong and ON.

The sizes of the device are approximately equal 83 x 114 x 99 mm, weight (carried batteries) — 400 g.

Source: Nikon

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