Attention, photocompetition!


Organizer of competition: the website Foto4ki – all about a photo, all for a photo.

Competition purpose: Contribution to photoart development in Ukraine and other countries.

Essence of competition: Competition passes in three steps, each step proceeds 7 calendar days. Competition begins with the 1st word, on the termination of 7 days, оковём jury estimates, one participant is defined.

Further one more word is added and the 2nd participant is determined by the termination of 7 more days. Then, to previous two the third word and as one participant is defined is added.

Then, after definition of three participants of competition оковём estimates of their works of the jury consisting of professional photographers – the favourite of competition is defined.

Competition rules: Participate in competition the registered users can only. Estimation of works occurs at the expense of vote by the registered users at what more than 3 photos. On the termination of each step of competition that participant at which most of all voices for any one exposed work gets out. On the completion of competition the finishing favourite from three favourites is determined by each step. The words defining a subject of competition, should be connected between themselves. The works which are not ought to a subject of competition, are removed. The size of exposed photos at least 491×766, at most 1024х768 pixels.

Media support: Magazine of "Photographer" (, ( Wacom company, Center Creative Photo (, website author’s PhotoFortuna photo.

Sponsor of competition: “Photographer” magazine.

Prize: “Photographer” magazine, a role in jury in the following competitions.

Carrying out terms: three weeks (21 calendar day).

Start date and completion of competition: 7/1/2008 – 7/21/2008.

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