Canon apologizes, but yet does not know how to correct EOS 5D Mark II

chamber shortcomings

According to a source, the Canon company published the statement concerning the defects inherent in pictures, made by EOS 5D Mark II chambers.

There is a speech about shortcomings «a black point» (Black Dot) and «a vertical banding» (Vertical Banding) which were seen by owners and future buyers of the chamber who are fixedly studying pictures made by it. According to the company, tests are at present undertaken to understand the reasons of emergence of defects and to develop measures of fight against them.

Such makary, the company recognized existence of defects in the pictures made by means of Canon EOS 5D Mark II. According to Canon, shortcomings appear at the subsequent criteria of shooting:

The shortcoming «a black point» is perceptible in the pictures made in black time of day, and is visible, as dark area in the right part of dot light sources. It is perceptible during viewing on the display on the scale of 100 % or at the press of pictures of the huge size.

The shortcoming «a vertical banding» appears, if the sRAW1 format is chosen, and becomes visible at a certain combination of object of shooting, a background and chamber options. It is not perceptible if to remove in the format sRAW2, RAW or JPEG. To reduce the manifestation of a shortcoming which is visually perceived as noise, it is possible, having established value of the option C.Fn II-3: Highlight tone priority in value 0: Disable.

Probably, eventually the company will issue the refreshed version of the built-in software in what the found shortcomings will be eliminated or, on the last measure, are minimized. While in own appeal of Canon apologizes and thanks for patience of the photographers who have laid out for the chamber considerable funds (we will remind, in the USA the chamber with a regular lens costs about $3500).

By the way, it not the 1st case when in expensive models of Canon SLR cameras shortcomings are found. For example, last year the lack of the auto focus found in the professional EOS-1D Mark III chamber at the price of about $4000, led to that it was necessary to suspend deliveries and even to withdraw this model from distribution networks.

Source: Digital Photography Review

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