Canon let out the 100-million chamber of the PowerShot

Canon press service now told that the 100-million camera of a line of PowerShot was possible to realize the companies. Release of digital "soap trays" began in 1996 at Japanese plant Oita Canon Inc., which brings a significant contribution to release of cameras and now. Two more plants are placed in Malaysia and China.

Canon let out the 100-million chamber of the PowerShot

The first successful digital model of the company became 0,5 Megapixels of Canon PowerShot 600, since then the Japanese giant let out 106 models of "soap trays". Even more successful there was a start-up in 2000 of a line of the elegant IXUS chambers which in the beginning aimed at female audience and have got mad popularity in the world.

At present Canon also dominates in the list of more sold cameras of online shop and ratings of sales of many states.

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