Canon presented two wide-angle Tilt-Shift-lenses

Canon presented two Tilt-Shift-lenses Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II and Canon TS-E 17mm f/4L.

When using ordinary chambers with ordinary lenses the optical axis is fixed in the shot center perpendicular to the plane of a matrix of the chamber. Focusing on object occurs at the expense of moving of a focus lens forward or back повдоль an optical axis.

In lenses of Tilt-Shift it is possible to change the provision of an optical axis concerning a matrix surface, also to change an axis tilt angle concerning the shot plane.

Canon presented two wide-angle Tilt-Shift-lenses

Technical f/3.5L II Canon TS-E 24mm properties:

• Focal length: 24 mm
• Diaphragm: f/3,5 — 22
• Design: 16 parts in 11 groups
• Small distance of focusing: 21 cm
• The greatest increase: 0,34x
• Dimensions: 88,5×106,9 mm, weight — 780 g

Canon presented two wide-angle Tilt-Shift-lenses

Technical f/4L Canon TS-E 17mm properties:

• Focal length: 17 mm
• Diaphragm: f/4 — 22
• Design: 18 parts in 12 groups
• Small distance of focusing: 25 cm
• The greatest increase: 0,14x
• Dimensions: 88,9×106,7 mm, weight — 820 g

In a design of lenses asferichesky elements and lenses from low-disperse glass are applied. The innovative covering of SWC, urged to fight with patches of light and "hares" is also applied.

In most cases such lenses are burning when shooting architecture because with them it is simple to correct prospect to the necessary. Thanks to change of passing of the plane of focusing it is possible to reach toy effect.

Novelties in April of this year will be available, cost is unknown.

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