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NV100HD and NV9


Ice got under way: photobrands slowly start to announce models for an autumn and winter season and to prepare for Photokina 2008 in Cologne.

Samsung represents two new models the popular and covered many merits of the NV series: 14,7 Megapixels of the monster with possibility of shooting of HD video Samsung of NV100HD and small-sized 10 Megapixels the NV9 model with 5х an optical internal zoom and 2 "speedometers" — a resource Continue reading

J.D. Power and Associates chose the best cameras

J.D. Power and Associates chose the best cameras

J.D company. Power and Associates brought typical result of activity of photobrands in the market. In research four sectors are separately considered: ordinary "soap trays", ultracompacts, prosyyumersky and SLR cameras. Aspects of an assessment of each category were four parameters: quality of a photo, productivity, convenience of work and external shape.

Fujifilm chambers of a line of Finepix S appeared best "soap trays". Continue reading

Genius let out own 1st 10-megapixel camera

The KYE Systems company, popular to the majority of users on columns, mice and Genius keyboards, let out the first 10-megapixel chamber.

Genius let out own 1st 10-megapixel camera

Technical properties:

• 1/1,7" CCD matrix, 10 Megapixels;
• 2,5" LTPS-LCD, 154 000 pixels;
• 3x a zoom lens of 36 — 108 mm, f/2,8 — 4,8;
• fulfilled выдержки:1 — 1/1000 c;
• ISO range: 100 — 1000;
• 24 subject aaplets;
• the greatest permission of a photo: 3648×2736;
• the greatest permission of Continue reading

Nikon will pump over yours D3

Nikon USA from this point gives opportunity to all wishing to develop the buffer of own Nikon D3. Such makary, in a series it will be possible to "shoot" even more shots. For example, 36 pictures will be located on the highest quality after an upgrade in a series not 16, but.

Nikon will pump over yours D3

Nikon D3

The price of service makes $500 plus taxes and all shipping expenses. On all operations about 2 weeks of time are necessary. Demands already are accepted.

Detailed Continue reading

Sony DSC-W220

The Sony DSC-W220 chamber became an example of that the Sony company keeps strategy of gradual transfer of the functions which are earlier available in the senior models of a ruler, such, as Sony DSC-W150 and DSC-W170, in products of initial level.

Permission of the latest chamber makes 12 Megapixels. To the innovations realized in Sony DSC-W220, the company refers functions of definition of a plot (Intelligent Scene Recognition) and optimization Continue reading