CES 2009: Olympus showed the chamber with 26-fold zoom

The CES 2009 exhibition became a place of a debut of many fascinating goods in category of digital cameras. For example, the descent of 6 unique novelties of Exilim family accepted the Casio company, and the Kodak company presented the Z980 chamber with 24-fold "zoom". The Olympus company, brought to attention of public some last development, including the small-sized chamber with 26-fold optical "zoom" does not lag behind rivals.

CES 2009: Olympus showed the chamber with 26-fold zoom

The device constructed on the basis of the sensor of the image of the CCD type by permission of 12 Megapixels, received SP-590 UZ designation. The range of focal lengths of SP-590 UZ stretches from 26 to 676 mm (in a 35-millimetric equivalent). Using the TCON-17N teleconverter acquired separately it is possible to develop in addition chamber "dalnoboynost" in 1,7 times. Taking into account huge focal length the chamber is equipped with the double stabilizer of the image. The chamber is capable to conduct serial shooting with a speed to 10 shots in a second.

The camera is equipped with the HyperCrystal II screen in the size 2,7 inches on искосок and the HDMI socket. The chamber is characterized by the highest extent of automation — to services of the user of 18 modes of shooting and such functions, as definition of persons (to 16 persons in a shot) and Beauty Mode (the automatic retouch of portraits smoothing and clarifying face skin). For storage of pictures xD-Picture and microSD carriers are used.

Receipt of SP-590 UZ in sale is expected in March.

Source: Olympus

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