Creation of Nikon D700 is suspended

The Nikon company suspended assembly streams on production of the Nikon D700 chamber. It is connected with that the number of owners of the novelty complaining of innumerable difficulties and bugs built in ON grows.

Creation of Nikon D700 is suspended

The matter is that the producer very much hurried up to deduce the camera on the market and had no enough time for its laborious tests and completion.

On July 31 creation of D700 was stopped. If you got the chamber this week, Nikon will take away it on completion and will return back in 3 — 6 weeks.

It is meant that for the same term D700 sale through all riteylersky networks will be stopped also. Onliner advises while to refrain from purchase of this camera.

Source of this инфы — lilkiwiguy87 recognized on rollers in what he ruthlessly mocks at own D3 SLR camera: drops it from height of 1,5 meters on asphalt, fills in with jam and voobshchy at all does not respect the hi-tech device at the price of $7000.

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