Development of Ultra-Sense will allow to lower the price of sensors of the image of the CCD and CMOS


According to the Sarnoff company, the price of release of high-efficiency sensors of the image shined from a substrate allows to lower the process of processing of semi-conductor plates of Ultra-Sense developed by its specialists.

In development patent development of Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) and economical, perfectly scaled receptions of processing is incorporated. Allegedly, developers and producers of sensors of the image will manage to use Ultra-Sense for receiving production more the highest permission with the reduced sizes of pixels and bigger quantum efficiency, and ensuring the greatest system productivity without additional costs.

Earlier applied technologies of reduction of thickness of plates were expensive and provided a small exit of suitable production. It limited area of introduction of sensors of the image shined from a substrate which quite often were issued on piece base. If to believe to developers of the Ultra-Sense technology, she will allow to change a situation and will open in front of sensors of the image of the CCD and CMOS type, shined from a substrate, the road to mass appendices. As areas of introduction of such sensors the company calls chambers for cell phones, chambers, chambers for systems of supervision and the specialized decisions, working in ultra-violet and infra-red ranges.

Source: Sarnoff

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