Epson presented the new economical MFP

Epson presented the new economical MFP
The cheap MFP ‘all – in – one’ was added in a line of Artisan by the Epson company. The brand new jet Artisan 50 model belongs to initial level and is created for performance of ‘daily’ tasks.

Namely, it is possible to unpack documents, a photo, to print on CD or DVD. The model is armed with six ‘independent’ cartridges that allows to save up considerably on purchase of expendables, getting the module for each color in process of exhaustion available in a set.

According to Epson, the MFP is capable to print black-and-white materials with speed of 37 p./minutes, and color – 28 p./minutes. In an emulation mode of ‘quality of the laser printer’ speed falls a little and achieves 5 p./minutes in a black-and-white mode and 4,8 p./minutes in the color. Also the duplex press with manual supply of paper is supported.

The device is capable to print without fields (more a photo) a format 4х6”, 5х7”, 8х10” and even large-format photos 16:9. The format 4х6 photo” (10х15 in our ordering) is printed in 11 seconds.

Claria ink of production Epson provides myagenky ‘color transitions’, authentic display of skin color and durability of a photo – they keep an acceptable look in 4 times longer, than the pictures printed in studio.

Artisan 50 will start to sell in the June, expected cost – about 100 dollars. The MFP will support ordinary cartridges or cartridges of the overestimated capacity.

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