Fujifilm FinePix S2000hd: the cheap (?) digital camera with 15 multiple zoom

As it quite often happens, mistakes of certain people lead to that certain hidden information gets outside, and correction of primary mistakes does not help out a situation from the forthcoming distribution of this инфы. Similar actions occurred on the Canadian website of the FUJIFILM company where information on the newest model of the digital camera of the FinePix S2000hd company which was cleaned then but which after all remained in кеше search engines was located. Despite of all exposed properties of a novelty where there is a place and HD to video filming, and 15 multiple zoom to a lens, and functions of definition of persons with automatic removal of effect of claret eyes, the main intrigue remains cost on FinePix S2000hd which, if to believe to "traces" from the website, makes 299 Canadian dollars which is even cheaper South American (~ 290USD).

For those who does not long to expect the official announcement of Fujifilm FinePix S2000hd we suggest to familiarize with its lines already at present:

Source — http://www.mobile-review.com/

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