Genius let out own 1st 10-megapixel camera

The KYE Systems company, popular to the majority of users on columns, mice and Genius keyboards, let out the first 10-megapixel chamber.

Genius let out own 1st 10-megapixel camera

Technical properties:

• 1/1,7" CCD matrix, 10 Megapixels;
• 2,5" LTPS-LCD, 154 000 pixels;
• 3x a zoom lens of 36 — 108 mm, f/2,8 — 4,8;
• fulfilled выдержки:1 — 1/1000 c;
• ISO range: 100 — 1000;
• 24 subject aaplets;
• the greatest permission of a photo: 3648×2736;
• the greatest permission of video: 640×480, 25 shots in a second;
• 32 MB of the integrated memory, support of memory cards of SD/SDHC to 8 GB.

Apparently, compact the most usual. Cost is not announced, but hardly it will be the highest.

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