HANNspree lets out a New Years photoframe

Though about New year even the whole month, thematically issued electric devices start to become heroes of news. For example, the HANNspree company began sale of a respective photoframework.

At once two models were presented. One of them has the screen in the size of 7 inches on искосок, the 2nd — 8 inches. Functionality of devices includes viewing of pictures a slideshow mode, automatic turn of pictures, support of memory cards of several formats, data exchange on the USB 2.0 interface and a calendar.

Approximate cost of the 7-inch HANNspree SD7021 model, 8 MB of the integrated memory having only and an ordinary black frame, makes $50 (here and further the price are specified for the market of the USA).

HANNspree lets out a New Years photoframe

The HANNspree SD80M4MB model with the 8-inch screen permission of 800×480 pixels can play an alarm clock role, provides viewing of videos and listening of sound recordings. It is equipped with 3 replaceable decorative framework issued in the spirit of holidays. It is curious that three supports are included in a set of delivery for a decorative framework — such makary, it is possible to use everything them at once: one to fix on a digital photoframe, and in two others to thrust the pictures printed on paper. The photoframe of SD80M4MB has 256 MB of the integrated memory, is completed with the DU panel and there are $100 (in on-line shop CompUSA — even $80).

HANNspree lets out a New Years photoframe

SD7021 and SD80M4MB realization in on-line shops and in retail outlets of HANNspree already started.

In further year of HANNspree promises to expand the range of a framework with models with screens in the size from 7 to 17 inches on искосок.

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