Hearings: Nikon D800 — a new leader?

As it is clear, there is no smoke without fire. And a smoke from Nikon this summer strongly much. Nikon D700 release as there were hearings concerning release new фуллфрейма the companies — Nikon D800 did not manage to take place.

Hearings: Nikon D800 — a new leader?

On one of versions, on it there will be a 24-megapixel CMOS sensor, on another — 14-megapixel.

Technical properties:

• Nikon FX CMOS sensor, 14 Megapixels;
• ISO range: 50 — 12 800;
• processing of images: EXPEED II;
• Nikon Scene Recognition System;
• 51-dot system of autofocusing;
• serial shooting with frequency of 12 shots/c;
• LiveView;
• the built-in Wi-Fi-transmitter;
• three slots for memory cards: 2 CF and 1 SD;
• the highest speed of start (0,1 c) and lock log (0,02 c);
• the view-finder from 100 % a shot covering;
• The LCD display with the highest permission and a protective surface from the tempered glass;
• D-Lighting function.

It is simple to see that at this model outstanding technical properties. The truth it or is not present — will show time.

Not including that, one of participants of a forum cleared a situation concerning the P6000 chamber. Allegedly in it there will be a matrix from the initial mirror D60 camera.

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