Hybrid NX Samsung: in total as in zerkalka, only without a mirror

We did not manage to write about hybrid systems as Samsung showed to the world own concept under NX title. It also becomes the modern bridge between levels of small-sized and SLR cameras, having incorporated best of these parts.

Hybrid NX Samsung: in total as in zerkalka, only without a mirror

Refusal of a mirror allowed to reduce by 60 % a working piece between a lens and a matrix that also influenced final dimensions and device weight. The major moment — is the size of a matrix: in chambers of the NX series APS – a C-matrix, which physical size is established more than in Micro Four Thirds system, and is similar to such semi-professional SLR cameras, as Pentax K20D, Canon EOS 50D and Nikon D300.

On a photo the fancy lens which is very similar on lenses of Pentax of the Limited series (are known as "pancakes") is visible. Why with the highest probability it is possible to argue that the vision of the hybrid chamber on APS – a C-sensor will show also Pentax, the benefit cooperation of these companies old and close.

The C release of this Samsung model connects optimistical plans on capture of 20 % of the market of digital cameras by 2012. Deliveries of NX chambers will begin in the 2nd half-year of the 2009th.

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