In Gigabyte chose for GeForce GTS 250 cooling Zalman


Directly behind ASUS announcing release to a descent of 5 3D maps on GeForce GTS 250, information on own novelty on 55-nanometer GPU NVIDIA the Gigabyte company presented.

The accelerator represented in a picture has the integrated scheme of usual blue color. On it there is 1 GB of memory of GDDR3 connected with the graphic microprocessor by the 256-digit interface.

In Gigabyte chose for GeForce GTS 250 cooling Zalman

As to clock frequencies, in Gigabyte chose value of 740 MHz for a kernel, 1850 MHz — for the block of sheyder and 2000 MHz — for memory. Directs on itself attention Zalman cooler with 4 thermal tubes. The payment takes two seats in the system block. It supports multiprocessing configurations (SLI) and is equipped with the D-Sub sockets, DVI and HDMI.

The official premiere of a novelty, according to the source, is expected in the course of the CeBIT exhibition. Soon then, the payment should seem on sale.

Source: DonanimHaber

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