Information on DSLR Canon EOS 50D — and whether was leak?

According to messages of several sources, on the Chinese website of the Canon company a certain time rather detailed information on the chamber which, type, is planned to present at the Photokina 2008 exhibition was available.

Information on DSLR Canon EOS 50D — and whether was leak?

To the chamber attribute the subsequent specifications:

  • The image sensor — CMOS, 22,3×14,9 mm, 15,1 Megapixels;
  • The microprocessor of images — DIGIC IV; 14-ryazryadny data presentation;
  • System of cleaning of a matrix from a dust;
  • Automatic correction of levels;
  • The view-finder — a field of vision of 95 %, increase х0,97;
  • Quantity of points of focusing — 9, all crosswise;
  • Possibility of fine tuning of an auto focus;
  • Autofocusing function with definition of persons in a shot;
  • Sensitivity — ISO 100-3200 (values 6400 and 12800 are available also);
  • Range of excerpts — 1/8000-30 with;
  • Automatic correction of chromatic aberrations;
  • The integrated stabilizer of images;
  • Speed of serial shooting — 6,3 shots for second (high speed), 3 shots for a second (low speed);
  • The size of the buffer — 16 shots in the RAW format, 60 shots in the JPG format, 10 shots in the RAW+JPG format;
  • Lock resource — 100000 shots;
  • HDMI socket;
  • The screen — 3 inches on искосок, VGA (920 thousand points);
  • The sizes — 145,5×107,8×73,5 mm;
  • Weight — 730 g;

As authentic there will be these data, we can find out at an exhibition, and, maybe, and a little earlier.

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