J.D. Power and Associates chose the best cameras

J.D. Power and Associates chose the best cameras

J.D company. Power and Associates brought typical result of activity of photobrands in the market. In research four sectors are separately considered: ordinary "soap trays", ultracompacts, prosyyumersky and SLR cameras. Aspects of an assessment of each category were four parameters: quality of a photo, productivity, convenience of work and external shape.

Fujifilm chambers of a line of Finepix S appeared best "soap trays". They received 757 of 1000 very probable points. Kodak cameras of a series V (739), the Z (731) series and a series M (727) afterwards settled down.

In the middle of prosyyumersky chambers the Canon PowerShot G and Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ models with 773 and 766 points respectively are recognized as the best.

In sector of ultracompact chambers equal there was no Sony and its series Cyber-shot T (794), Casio Exilim Z (766) and Fujifilm Finepix Z (761).

Absolute champions by quantity of points are Canon EOS and Nikon SLR cameras D — any of rulers was estimated by users at 823 points. Canon cameras received more points for quality drawings while Nikon chambers appeared more feasible in the 3rd other categories (productivity, external shape and simplicity of use).

Not including that, participating in research the question was asked to all: «What functions your subsequent chamber should own?». 68 % of the interrogated owners of prosyyumersky cameras, 63 % of owners of SLR cameras and 67 % of owners of ordinary compacts declared that it should be protection against water and a dust; 63 % of owners of ultracompacts wish more than the integrated memory.

As it is simple to guess, most of all shots in a week owners of SLR cameras (454), then — happy owners of prosyyumersky models (154) do. Owners of ultracompacts (96) and eventually owners of ordinary "soap trays" (83) follow.

In research accepted a role more than 8000 photographers.

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