Samsung let out a limited series of cameras for fans of Chelsea

In a portfolio of cameras Samsung there were two new models with Limited prefix. Registration of models is connected with English football club Chelsea about what the flaunting heraldry in the form of a blue fire-spitting lion says.

Samsung let out a limited series of cameras for fans of Chelsea

NV4 Samsung — the narrowest in the NV series the model (dimensions — 94,5х57х17,5) — is armed internal 3Х with a zoom lens and 8,2 Megapixels a CCD matrix in the physical size 1/2,5", are electric stabilization of the image. The chamber is capable to shoot video in permission 800×592@30fps. NV4 realizes excerpts in a range 15 — 1/2000 with and ISO to 3200 units, the diagonal of the monitor makes 2,5" and bears in itself 230 000 pixels. The Limited-version is chained not in dural, and in the titanic case.

Not including it, the chamber can be used for reading books, also as a media player (it is possible to listen to music and to play video files).

L100 Samsung — even more usual model. She is able to distinguish faces of people in a shot and has a standard set of mylnichny functions: elimination of claret eyes and tens subject modes.

That is pleasant, cost on the limited series same, as well as on ordinary models: for NV4 will request $300, and for L100 — only $200.

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