JVC showed the most small-sized projector with permission 4K2K

The JVC company showed the smallest as she declares, a projector with permission 4K2K. The projector of DLA-SH4K is equipped with a 10-megapixel D-ILA-matrix finally giving the image by permission 4096х2400 that more than in 4 times surpasses in quantity of parts of the image of Full HD (1920х1080).

JVC showed the most small-sized projector with permission 4K2K

In a projector the xenon lamp in capacity of 825 W, giving a stream in the 3500th lumen is established. There is a possibility to lower lamp capacity to 660 W that will prolong term of its service, but will reduce brightness of a projector.

The projector allows to deduce at once a picture from 4 Full of HD sources which can be connected to 4 DVI-D (dual-link) to interfaces. The Ethernet-port available onboard allows to operate a projector via the web interface.

The projector is aimed at introduction in aviasimulators, branch honey, control centers, museums, also house cinema halls very much the highest level.

Cost of the similar decision is not specified.

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