Mamiya DL28 – 28 megappiksely

The Mamiya company presented the 28-megapixel Mamiya DL28 chamber which in a certain degree will change idea of future buyers of an average format.

This decision represents a duet of Mamiya 645AFD system III and a digital back of Leaf Aptus-II 6 Digital Back. On the chamber it is possible to use both the Mamiya optics with the same name, and lenses of Hasselblad V for which installation it will be necessary a special adapter.

Mamiya DL28 - 28 megappiksely

Mamiya DL28

Technical Mamiya DL28 properties:

• 44×33 mm CCD sensor
• Bayonet joint: Mamiya 645 AF
• 3,5" touch screen
• ISO 50 — 800
• Support of memory cards of CompactFlash

28-megapixel RAW files weigh on the average about 53 MB. The Mamiya DL28 chamber is equipped with a cable of FireWire and Leaf Capture 11.2 software. Thanks to it ON the counter which will be fascinating everything who will see off мастерклассы also is realized — all finished shooting images are broadcast on iPhone of all sedentary in studio.

Mamiya DL28 price list in coordinates of an average format left more than democratic — only $14 999.

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