Media Port UP 300x

media player

The vision of a portable media player was presented by the Japanese giant of the photoindustry the Nikon company.

Media Port UP 300x

Media Port UP 300x

Name to a brand new accessory — Media Port UP 300x. Apparently, it rushes on the head and, in fact, represents earphones with attached on somebody distance the screen. As representatives of Nikon at the press conference devoted to a novelty told, the screen is perceived to similarly 50-inch screen from distance of the 3rd meters.

The Media Port UP 300x player reproduces video in the formats WMV9, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, loses music in a MP3, AAC, WMA9. In Media Port UP HTML 4.01, JavaScript and Flash V.7 support is realized that together with integrated Wi-Fi will give the chance to download a media content from the special website Nikon.

The accelerometer that allows to change loudness without the aid of hands is built in the Media Port UP 300x device. In the cut-down version of a media player the accelerometer is absent, and the volume of the integrated memory makes not 8, but 4 GB.

Media Port UP will enter the market in the rising sun Country this month.

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