New digital photoframework of BBK

The BBK Electronics company announced release of new models of a digital photoframework — LF705D and LF802D. Novelties are remarkable in huge volume of the integrated memory (1 GB) and various multimedia functions.

New digital photoframework of BBK

  • The integrated memory: 1 GB
  • Kardrider xD/SD/MMC/MS
  • USB port
  • Exit for connection of earphones
  • The integrated loudspeakers
  • Support of a standard of MPEG-4
  • Playing of musical compositions in formats
  • MP3, WMA
  • Playing of the graphic JPEG files
  • Slideshow mode
  • Music
  • Calendar function
  • The integrated hours with alarm clock function
  • DU panel
  • Demountable support
  • Fastening possibility on a wall

The digital frame of LF705D has the screen with a diagonal 7" (18 cm) permission of 480х234 pixels and is issued in 2 design decisions — with a traditional dark inking — LF705D (BW) and with a pattern on a grayish background — LF705D (GW1). The special ornament put on the case of the LF705D (GW1) model, turns a frame into the real decorative element though what interior.

Thanking more to the highest permission of a matrix (800х480) and to the screen with a diagonal of 8 inches (20 cm), the LF802D model normally is suitable for viewing of a photo and video playing in the MPEG-4 format.

Stereoloudspeakers are integrated into the case of a frame, such makary, the device can be used and as a digital house photo album, and as the real media library. The available USB port provides easy loading of images, video and music from all external USB compatible devices, including from flash drives.

Distinctive feature of all digital framework of BBK is the mode of simultaneous playing of graphic and musical files. The remote control which provides comfortable navigation according to the menu comes into a set to a photoframework. Not including that, all photoframework is supplied with a demountable support and can fasten to a wall.

The 1st models will appear on sale at first 2009.

Source: BBK Electronics

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