New means for restoration of a photo

New means for restoration of a photo
The Hetman Software company declared release of the Russian Hetman Photo Recovery version. This massive and universal decision created for a wide range of users. The aaplet profoundly scans the carrier of data that allows to restore the lost images even if the memory card of the camera was formatted or there was a mistake in equipment work. The utility finds files of graphics in different formats, including photo RAW formats, and shows them to the user.

Preparatory tests showed that the aaplet successfully restores those photos, which naiblezhayshy rivals cannot even find. Such results managed to be reached thanks to the unique technologies of restoration lying in base of the software. After the completion of process of scanning, you can see restored images and to filter the list on type, the size and permission, what to choose only the necessary files. The aaplet can keep initial structure of folders of storage if it is necessary.

Being universal stock of restoration, Hetman Photo Recovery supports the main types of file systems: VFAT, FAT12/16/32, also works with NTFS/NTFS4/NTFS5 under though what popular Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista operating system. The aaplet restores a photo from all favourite cards of cameras (Compact Flash, Memory Stick, SD, Smart Media, xD, …) memory cards of mobile phones, USB devices and hard disks.

In operating time of Hetman Photo Recovery does not make any configurations on carriers инфы therefore you can be convinced for 100 % that the aaplet will not harm to current state of data.

The aaplet of Hetman Photo Recovery is Russified and contains detailed documentation. Free the version of an aaplet is available to a demo to a gallop on the company website. In the demonstration version you can scan the carrier what to estimate possibility of restoration of remote photos. Images which you see in preparatory viewing, will be guaranteed restored after aaplet registration.

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