NHK shows the image of a standard 8K

NHK showed system with standard permission 8К (7680×4320 pixels) — so called UHD (Ultra High Definition) a format. The model developed by the Japanese company is capable to show a picture containing 32 Megapixels that in 16 times more, than at though to what available panel in the user market.

NHK shows the image of a standard 8K

The system shown on CommunicAsia, included two LCoS-projectors with a total light stream in the 8000th lumen, the screen a diagonal 300” (7,62 meters). The three-storied audiosystem of a format 22.2 was more impressing also: two subwoofers, 3 loudspeakers under the screen, 10 — at screen level around, and nine more — above screen level. It is necessary to guess cost of a similar complex only.

The studio camera also was developed for a reconstruction of that qualitative drawings, capable to write down video with permission 8К, storage system on hard disks and the high-speed optical interface of transfer. The similar system, but with permission 4К (3840×2160), is established in Kuyusha’s (Kyushu National Museum) State Museum in the rising sun Country.

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