Nikon advances Canon in the Japanese market DSLR; the most popular chamber of the company remains D80

The source published statistics of the first half of the year who allows to judge a situation in the market of digital SLR cameras. As the Japanese market DSLR is one of the biggest in the world, and alignment of forces on it can be extended with known adjustments to the global market, the placed data cause enthusiasm. The it is more that certain numbers strike. Vobshchem, about everything one after another.

The 1st place in a rating of producers of DSLR occupies Nikon. This company possesses 40,7 % of volume of deliveries. On the second place there is her main rival, Canon from 40,6 %. The five includes also the Sony companies (8,6 %), Olympus (5,3 %) and Pentax (4,4 %). It is easy to count up that all other producers who have been in common taken, do not gather and 1 %.

To that should the Nikon company the sure situation? Often representing novelties, it very deliberately forms own range, absolutely opening potential of successful models. So, the most sold Nikon chamber following the results of the first half of the year there is D80. One only this model occupies 13,1 % of all market DSLR.

The company was not mistaken, having counted on increasing sector "zerkalok" of initial level: D60, D40 and D40x chambers occupied more than 22 % of the market.

Successful also there was a brand new professional Nikon D300 chamber. It is enough to tell that all "top" Canon chambers, including 5D Mark I, 1Ds and 1D Mark III, in common do not gain even 1,8 % of the market whereas 4,4 % are the share of a share of Nikon D300. It will be curious to look at data of the second half of the year when it will be possible to estimate realization of the polnokadrovy D700 chamber.

And other producers usually date release of the next novelties of Nikon for trading exhibitions. Naiblezhayshy, and biggest of them — Photokina which will pass on September 23-28. According to certain data, Canon is going to present on Photokina the EOS 7D SLR camera, and Nikon — D90, the successor of D80. Not including that, guests of an exhibition will manage to behold the digital back 1st in the world permission of 60,5 Megapixels.

Source: BCN

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