Nikon announces new SLR cameras on September 3

Nikon announces new SLR cameras on September 3
According to the statement of 1 of users of the website Nikon Rumors, the Japanese brand will hold the press conference devoted to the announcement of new models of SLR cameras on September 3, in three weeks prior to the beginning of the Photokina exhibition. Also the user reports that already received on it the invitation.

The founder of technical literature on Nikon chambers Tom Hogan, already recognizable to us on the previous hearings connected with release of the D700 chamber, argues that Nikon will let out specifically flagman D3x model from 24 Megapixels onboard.

Also the founder means D80 model updating to D90. The volume considers that this Nikon updating leaves to the PMA 2009 exhibition or it will not be voobshchy, and the ruler will finish the development, having left only SLR cameras for beginners of D40/D60 and professional model from Nikon D300 and above.

In principle, looks very authentically, it corresponds to a company concept on which she is going to pay attention to only professional and high-profitable sectors. On the other hand, Tom Hogan’s words do not need to be trusted completely because his information касаемо release of the D700 SLR camera was inexact.

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