Nikon COOLPIX P6000 — with the GPS


The range of the Nikon company was filled by the small-sized Nikon Coolpix P6000 chamber. It became the first small-sized Nikon chamber with the integrated GPS module. Permission of the chamber equally 13,5 Megapixels. The lens has a 4-fold range of a configuration of focal length (28–112 mm at 35-mm экв.). The novelty can do pictures in the RAW format. In the chamber the system of processing of the image of EXPEED is used.

Nikon COOLPIX P6000 — with the GPS

In the comfortable case of the device there was a place for the 2,7-inch monitor. Not including that, the chamber is armed with 3 functions, allowing to reduce image greasing. High-efficiency function of oppression of vibrations with shift of a lens allows to receive sharp pictures, providing the effect similar to shooting with endurance on three steps is shorter. Development of decrease in noise provides shooting possibility in a range of values of sensitivity to 6400 units of ISO, and the Best Shot Selector function (a choice of the best shot) allows a camera to remove serially to 10 shots with automatic preservation of sharper of them. It perfectly is suitable for macroshooting when possibility of trembling of the chamber is higher.

Nikon COOLPIX P6000 — with the GPS

Designers gave huge attention to ensuring convenience of use of the chamber. The device has four modes of an exposition (P/S/A/M) and 15 subject modes, including modes for shooting in difficult criteria, for example "Beach/snow", "Decline", "Twilight/dawn", "Fireworks". 6 characteristics of color allow to create the special color effects similar to received at use of the filter. In an arsenal of the chamber there is an AF function with value of the person, distinguishing to 12 persons, function of oppression of effect of «red eyes» and the D-Lighting function, the machine gun providing a natural type of images, nedoeksponirovanny as a result of superfluous kontrovy lighting or when using insufficiently strong flash. In the middle of other abilities of the chamber — video with a sound.

The COOLPIX P6000 chamber — the 1st amateur model with the integrated Ethernet socket, allowing simply and simply to exchange pictures by means of the Nikon my Picturetown service. Not including that, during travel the GPS function realized in a camera will attach the "geotag" containing information on location of shooting to the image file. Further these tags can be used on the website my Picturetown or in the software of ViewNX of the Nikon company, also on any other web site supporting processing of geotags for the indication of an accurate place of shooting of the image.

The belt, the storage battery and the network power unit, USB cable, audio/video cable, COOLPIX software, also empty seat in volume of 2 GB comes into a set of delivery of the COOLPIX P6000 chamber for storage of pictures in the Web on web site Nikon my Picturetown. The recommended retail cost of COOLPIX P6000 is equal 499 euros.

Source: Nikon

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