Nikon D400. hearings

Nikon D400. hearings

Very popular professional Nikon D300 SLR camera, seemingly, is ready to pass on baton to own successor.

Expected technical Nikon D400 properties:

• New DX CMOS sensor, 14,3 Megapixels
• The built-in system of cleaning of a matrix from a dust
• ISO 100 — 6400 (it is expanded to 50 — 25 600)
• 14-bit analog and digital processing
• HD video shooting in permission 1080p with frequency 24 shots/c with a binaural sound
• For 30 % more productive system of processing of images of EXPEED
• A composit lock from кевлара and углеволокна, the guaranteed number of operations 200 000
• Nikon D400 can be has the sensor of autofocusing of Multi-CAM3500DX (51 points of focusing, 15 crosswise sensors)
• Autofocusing microcorrection to 20 lenses
• Vinyetirovaniye control
• Speed of serial shooting — 7 shots/c, with the batareyny handle — 9 shots/c
• 3" LCD display, 922 000 pixels
• LiveView with fazodetektny focusing (mirror lifting) and focusing by contrast, definition of persons
• Nikon D400 can have definition of plots (means of data from autofocusing and autoexposition modules)
• Characteristics of shooting are exposed on the screen, the screen changes color when lighting (similarly to Nikon D90)
• Active D-lightning
• Buttons are protected by rubber membranes from water hit
• Time of start and a log of a lock are similar to Nikon D700
• Support of CF, UDMA memory cards
• Virtual horizon
• Expanded abilities of a retouch in the chamber
• Magnesian case
• Approximate cost: $1999

The Nikon D400 chamber can be presented at the PMA exhibition in January of next year.

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