Nikon D700. Hearings.

In a network there were noteworthy photos, on one of the versions, the printing houses made by the employee on the mobile phone. In pictures it is embodied either documentation, or marketing booklets of the chamber about which till this moment there were no mentions, and a name by it — Nikon D700.

Nikon D700. Hearings.

Judging by инфы in the booklet, on D700 there will be фуллфрейм the CMOS sensor permission of 12,1 Megapixels and the 51-dot sensor of focusing of Multi-CAM3500FX from a today’s leader of a line of Nikon D3, 14-digit ATsP, and water – the dustproof case from a magnesian alloy. Certainly, will be the Liveview mode with focusing by contrast. An autofocusing range — from-1 to +19 EV.

Expected cost — $2999.

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