Nikon D90 – official release

After the whole bouquet of hearings and leakages of specifications and Nikon D90 photo eventually was issued. Nikon D90 — the next step forward which washes away borders between prosyyumersky and SLR cameras.

In the chamber such innovations as HD720p-video shooting, the histogram for a shot site, creation of a slideshow of Pictmotion and is a lot of other interesnost are realized. The SLR camera from Nikon is able to use the machine gun the necessary subject mode thanks to the analysis of the 420-pixel RGB module and to distinguish to 5 human persons in the field of a shot.

Nikon D90 - official release

Nikon D90

Technical Nikon D90 properties:

• 23,6×15,8 mm CMOS matrix, 12,3 Megapixels
• Nikon F bayonet joint (with interface of AF and AF contacts)
• Function of cleaning the matrixes given for function of removal of a dust (Capture NX 2 aaplet is required)
• 3" the TFT LCD monitor with permission of 920 thousand points (VGA) from low-temperature polycrystalline silicon with a corner of the review of 170 degrees, brightness control and 100 % a shot covering
• Size of a picture: 4288×2848 (L), 3216×2136 (M), 2144×1424 (S)
• Format of files: NEF (compressed RAW); JPEG compatible to the basic JPEG format with the highest (about 1:4), average (near 1:8) and low (around 1:16) compression; NEF (RAW) + JPEG — one photo registers at once in the NEF (RAW) and JPEG formats
• Carriers of data: SD memory cards (Secure Digital), SDHC; cards of memory of Eye-Fi (the proof is necessary)
• View-finder: a pentoprizm, 96 % a shot covering, 0,94x increase, dioptriyny adjustment from-2 to +1
• Mirror of fast-returnable type
• Compatible lenses:
– Lenses of AF Nikkor of type DX: all functions are supported
– Lenses AF Nikkor (type G or D): all functions (PC Micro-Nikkor does not support certain functions) are supported. Lenses of IX Nikkor are not supported
– Other lenses of AF Nikkor: all functions, not including 3D color matrix measurement of II are supported. Lenses for F3AF are not supported
– AI-P Nikkor: all functions, not including 3D color matrix measurement of II are supported
– Lenses without the processor: autofocusing is not supported. Can be used in a mode of an exposition of M, but the system of measurement of an exposition does not work. The electric range finder can be used at the greatest diaphragm of a lens of f/5,6 or above
• Fulfilled excerpts: 1/4000 — 30 with, the BULB mode
• Start time: 0,15 with, a lock log: 65 ms
• Modes of shooting of Nikon D90: single, continuous low-high-speed, continuous high-speed, automatic release, remote with a delay, remote quick (remote shooting needs an additional infra-red remote control of ML-L3)
• ISO 200 — 3200 (extends to 100 — 6400)
• Processing of images of EXPEED
• Nikon D90 autofocusing: the module of automatic focusing of Nikon Multi-CAM 1000 with phase TTL definition, 11 points of focusing (including one crosswise sensor) and auxiliary illumination of AF (range of 0,5 — 3 m)
• The integrated flash:
– Leading number: прибл. 17 — 18 at a manual mode of flash (ISO 200)
– Modes "Car", "Portrait", "Macro", «A night portrait»: automatic flash with automatic promotion
– P, S, A, M: подымается manually button
• Record of video in the AVI format with a sound: 640×424 (24 shots / c), 320×216 (24 shots / c), 1280×720 (24 shots / c)
• The integrated loudspeaker and a microphone
• Functions of processing of Nikon D90: D-Lighting, oppression of «red eyes», framing, creation of the monochrome image, effects of the filter, color balance, picture reduction, imposing of pictures, processing of pictures in the NEF (RAW) format, prompt processing, alignment, correction of distortions, effect «A fish eye»
• Correction of aberrations of lenses
• Video output and HDMI exit
• Li-ion EN-EL3e battery (850 pictures against a standard CIPA)
• Dimensions: 132x103x77 mm, weight — 620 гр.
• GPS support for a geotagging
• Nikon D90 cost with a lens of 18 — 135 mm makes $1299

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