Nikon prepares the 40-megapixel sredneformatny chamber

The Nikon company makes SLR cameras on the basis of 2 types of detectors: kropnuty DX and polnoformatny FX. It seems that we will see the newest line of the cameras soon, capable to compete to chambers of an average format.

Nikon prepares the 40-megapixel sredneformatny chamber

One of readers of NikonRumors shared with a portal of a photo of the booklet in what detectors and their permissions in pixels are specified. From above the code title of the new detector — MX is visible. It is capable to do pictures in permission of 40,7 Megapixels.

On another инфы, Nikon develops rather small-sized chamber of an average format for studio and landscape photographers which, but, will not be suitable for newspaper photographers. The D3x SLR camera on which the company, on hearings, will establish the 24-megapixel detector will be high-speed option. The model will have possibility to remove HD video with speed of 60 shots in a second.

The popular French shop of photoequipment perceives preorders for Nikon D4. Truly, something BIG is coming.

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