Nikon Speedlight SB-900 — the 1st flash with an updated insertion

Together with the D700 SLR camera announcement the Nikon company presented the newest flash of Nikon Speedlight SB-900. The novelty distinguishes DX both FX formats and as the machine gun chooses the necessary focal lengths to provide the correct rassredotachivaniye of an impulse in a shot.

Nikon Speedlight SB-900 — the 1st flash with an updated insertion

Nikon Speedlight SB-900

Technical Nikon Speedlight SB-900 properties:

• leading number: 34 m at 100 ISO;
• professional flash of i-TTL (intellectual TTL) is compatible to SLR cameras of the FX formats and DX;
• comparability to system of creative illumination of Nikon;
• Templates of lighting by flash: tsentrovzveshenny, uniform and standard. The Tsentrovzveshenny mode allows to concentrate illumination in the shot center that is comfortable when using telephoto lens. The uniform mode moderately scatters light on all shot that in particular is comfortable when shooting groups. The standard mode provides standard balance of capacity and light dispersion;
• a range of an automatic zoom from 17 to 200 mm: coverage only in 1,2 seconds. Coverage of a range of a zoom in 14 mm when using a wide-angle rasseivatel or a flash cap;
• a high-speed recharge in 2,2 seconds when using batteries of a standard size of AA.
• intuitively clear interface on bolshenny ZhKI-ekrane with 3 universal multipurpose toggle-switches with possibility of a personal option;
• auxiliary illumination of an auto focus, is compatible to sensors of automatic focusing of Multi-CAM3500 FX/DX;
• possibility of horizontal turn on 180? on the right and on it is left, up on 90? and down on 7?.
• duration of an impulse: ~1/880 with at full target capacity;
• system of thermal protection: allows to do programming for the prevention of achievement of strong heating at superfrequent operation of flash;
• automatic detection of the filter: flash by the machine gun distinguishes options of balance snow-white on the established camera and when using filter under fluorescent lamps or filament lamps;
• the insertion can be updated through the memory card established on a camera.
• dimensions: 78x146x118,5 mm, weight — 415 гр.

Flash will enter the market on July 25, cost is unknown.

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