Nikon sponsors Wild Wonders of Europe

Nikon sponsors Wild Wonders of Europe
The Nikon company declared own sponsor’s assistance in carrying out the all-European initiative in the field of a photo. The initiative is focused on attention recruitment to natural inheritance of the continent and Wild Wonders of Europe is called.

Martin Beckman, the manager on advertizing communications of consulate of the Nikon Europe B.V company., saw: «On all of us responsibility for invariable maintenance of safety of surrounding environment lies. The European division of the Nikon Europe company is sure that the Wild Wonders project will allow to revive the European flora and fauna for many тыщ people on them the experience and in an extent of the following generations. The Nikon company for many years created production for photographers of the run wild nature, and many of them trust our equipment applied in difficult criteria of shooting. The result of their work is the best testimony of fine productivity of our chambers and lenses of the last generation».

In May, 2008 within an aaplet of Wild Wonders of Europe of 50 leading photographers of the run wild nature started shooting of natural inheritance of Europe. They travel on all corners of the continent (at all this everyone works in another’s country for it). Their pictures, подкасты and video diaries are presented on the website Wild Wonders of Europe, which once a day is updated. Opening of big exhibitions is planned for 2009 — 2010 in all European countries, the edition of the illustrated books of a huge format in several languages and carrying out show programs in Europe.

Staffan Vidstrand, the executive director of Wild Wonders of Europe, summed up: «In all Europe live million people which consider that the fine nature of the continent was gone in own personal manifestation. It is completely erroneous. Many treasures of euro natural inheritance still are and as before are fine. They deserve admiration. If we show care of these treasures, our kids and their descendants also will manage to watch them. We rest hopes that this initiative will allow to recover beauty for bigger number of people and will serve as incentive to its preservation».

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