Nikon stops D40 and D40x release, releasing a place for the newest DSLR of initial level?

According to a source referring to the electric letter, Nikon dispatched by the Canadian consulate in адресок retail dealers, realization of the digital SLR camera (DSLR) of initial level of Nikon D40 "poluofitsialno" are stopped.

Release of other Nikon chamber from the same category — D40x — practically was stopped some months back that indirectly proves to be true disappearance of new copies of this model from the range of the 1st big on-line shop.

Allegedly, the recognizable producer of photoequipment, speaking in images, clears away the road for the newest chamber of initial level. If it so, the chamber can be presented in two weeks — at the PMA exhibition, opening at first March. On unconfirmed while to data, the brand new chamber of initial level will be truly presented on PMA, and later small time it will be followed by the D400 chamber which will come to D300 replacement.

In any case, concerning D400 it is possible to tell with definiteness — this chamber leaves not later than the middle of summer of this year. The leaks which were taking place on the website Amazon testify to it, also — on websites of the Swiss and German on-line shops. As emergence date on sale of the book devoted by D400, July appeared in one case, and in other even the concrete number — 7/29/2009 was designated.

Source: Nikon Rumors

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