Nikon will pump over yours D3

Nikon USA from this point gives opportunity to all wishing to develop the buffer of own Nikon D3. Such makary, in a series it will be possible to "shoot" even more shots. For example, 36 pictures will be located on the highest quality after an upgrade in a series not 16, but.

Nikon will pump over yours D3

Nikon D3

The price of service makes $500 plus taxes and all shipping expenses. On all operations about 2 weeks of time are necessary. Demands already are accepted.

Detailed statistics on the Nikon D3 chamber before and after an upgrade it is possible to have a look here. Service probably will be necessary in the middle of sports photographers. Not including that, this innovation can testify to the beginning of the latest era — eras of a kastomizatsiya of mirror cameras under the end user.

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