Novelties in the range of teXet: digital photoframework of teXet TF-108 and TF-207

The teXet company declared production expansion of the range by the new direction – a digital photoframework.

As the producer says: it is not so new product for Russian market, but, nevertheless, the most part of products as before are poorly aimed at Russian consumers. Starting in creation the line of photoframes, teXet paid special attention to uncommon external shape and study of intuitively clear and peaceful interface.

In September will enter the market to a descent two models: TF-108 and TF-207 in what the company tried to embody very probable set of functions at democratic cost. teXet TF-108 and TF-207 is the real electric device. At all this they will manage to become a stylish element of an interior and a fine gift.

Novelties in the range of teXet: digital photoframework of teXet TF-108 and TF-207

The TF-108 screen has a ratio of the parties 4:3 and standard permission 800 on 600 pixels. This model is also armed with a stereo loudspeakers. On TF-108 all are subject to playing popular photo, audio-and video formats: JPEG, MP3, WMA, AVI (MPEG-1/4, M-JPEG, DivX, XviD). Huge advantage of model – the integrated memory of 1 Gb which allows to write down and store enough of files in internal memory and to look through/listen to them without any additional devices. But saving of files in memory of a frame unessentially. teXet TF-108 is compatible with though what USB stores, also has the socket for SD/MMC/MS/CF of cards. The integrated manager allows the user to change image scale in the course of viewing, to turn a picture on 90/180/270 degrees. It is possible to copy and delete files, without resorting to personal computer use. Except photo, audio-and video functions, in a frame there is a calendar, hours, an alarm clock. To revive a mode of a calendar function of a mini slideshow allows. The touch control panel – a tribute not only to only fashionable trend in electronics and to magnificent design of teXet TF-108. The photoframe looks elegantly and impressively. The remote control comes into a set also. There is a socket for connection of earphones.

Novelties in the range of teXet: digital photoframework of teXet TF-108 and TF-207

teXet TF-207 – economical model with rather small screen, 480х234 points having permission. But, as well as the 108th, it is armed with functions for viewing of a photo and video, music listening. The formats JPEG, MP3, WMA, AVI are supported (MPEG-1/4, M-JPEG, DivX, XviD), also are available dynamics stereo. For viewing of external files there is a socket for SD/MMC/MS/XD of cards and audio/video and USB cables in a set. Internal memory makes only 16 Mb. Huge advantage of TF-207 is the set from the 2nd color replaceable panels. Such makary, the frame suits to though to what interior and various mood of the owner. The basic dark case is faultless for designs in style hi-tech and will perfectly look with leather and wood furniture. The reddish panel with a flower ornament and snow-white, stylized under skin it is possible to use for contrast.

Huge advantage of teXet TF-207 and unique function in the market is the house meteorological station integrated into a photoframe. With its help in though what time is reflected in the screen temperature and humidity indoors. It is possible to turn also images on 90/180/270 degrees, to copy and delete files without personal computer use. The remote control comes into a basic complete set.

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