Olympus E-System chambers will not participate in «war of megapixels»

«Twelve megapixels are, I think, sufficient for the majority of the appendices necessary to the majority of buyers — Akira Watanabe, the managing director of department of planning of SLR of the Olympus Imaging company, in interview at the PMA2009 exhibition said. — We has no intention to participate in war of megapixels with E-System, the SLR Olympus line».

Zamesto of it, according to Watanabe, Olympus will concentrate on other properties, such, as a dynamic range, a color rendition and an expanded range of ISO for shooting in criteria of missing lighting.

Increase of permission of sensors of the image is a standard practice in advance in the market, partially therefore that is the usual concept for perception consumers. Though the bigger number of pixels provides the press of the increased size and gives huge freedom in cutting off of useless parts of a picture, building of permission has also the bad parties.

Namely, it can cause increase of noise and narrowing of a dynamic range. Not including that, requirements to speed of the microprocessor of the chamber increase, appetites concerning volume of cards of memory and carriers for long storage grow.

Where more than 12 Megapixels are necessary, on Olympus view, purposefully to run across to polnokadrovy models.

Let’s remind, in digital Olympus SLR cameras (and Panasonic) Four Thirds systems are used sensors of the image of the smallest size, than sensors which use in own DSLR chambers of the Canon and Nikon company. In the range of the last is both chambers with APS-C format sensors, and models with the polnokadrovy sensors which size corresponds to the size of a 35-millimetric shot.

Source: CNet News

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