Panasonic showed Full a HD video camera from 64 Gb a flash memory

The Panasonic company showed two chambers any of which is ‘first-ever’ in own sort in the rising sun Country. Taking into account strong functionality, there are models absolutely a little.

TM350 – the 1st HD model equipped of 64 Gb a flash memory, capable to write down till 16 o’clock AVCHD (H.264) of video with permission 1080p, from freymreyty 24 shots/seconds. When using SDHC cards much more content will enter.

Also the kamkorder supports record of a 5.1-channel sound and uses the three-matrix CMOS sensor better working in criteria bad illumination, than CCD with comparable qualities.

Panasonic showed Full a HD video camera from 64 Gb a flash memory

On a photo – the TM350 model

Not including that, the chamber can take 10,6-Mp a photo and supports 12х an optical zoom. Photo shooting with a speed to 60 shots/seconds with permission of 0,9 Megapixels or 24 shots/seconds with permission of 2,1 Megapixels is provided. Definition of persons – both in photo, and in a video mode is available.

More moderate TM30 option uses only one CMOS sensor and 32 Gb of memory, but it is the 1st model of that class weighing only 0,5 pounds (it is sensitive more than 200 g). Also it supports an optical zoom to 16х. As well as the 1st option, the chamber it is armed with the slot for SDHC cards. When shooting a photo of function TM350 are actually similar.

Both will start to sell in the rising sun Country since June 25, the prices are equivalent $1568 for TM350 and $1045 for TM30. About deliveries to other regions yet it is not reported.

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