Every tenth photographer falls during shooting, is frequent in water

One of 10 photographers falls, thus quite often unsuccessfully or in water — such is the conclusion of insurance company from England.

Every tenth photographer falls during shooting, is frequent in water

«There are a lot of photographers in attempt to choose the correct composition of a shot, to catch the moment or simply closer to steal up to a fascinating plot accept artificial poses which conduct to falling and traumas» — the anonymous representative of the company says.

The precondition of nearly 75 % of appeals behind currency compensation are camera falling on a firm surface, in water or falling of the photographer. In every sixth case dogs and kids are incriminated.

In 9 % of cases the photographer presses the chamber in a pocket as a result of own falling or fight, to 3 % of cases the camera managed even to move by car.

Here excerpts from claims in insurance company:

«I photographed in a garden. During lens substitution I lost all control of the chamber and dropped it. Aspiring to break fall, I tripped up under the falling camera, but missed, and it fell down concrete».
«I laid the chamber in a bag and put it in a car luggage carrier. When left the house, heard a crunch. I left to check, whether all as it should be with wheels, and it appeared — the chamber dropped out of a satchel, and I its case moved».
«I slipped on the humidified grass at break and the chamber dropped out of my hands on mountains below».
«My kids brought down me the inflatable pool in which I here and fell down with the chamber in a hand».
«Accident occurred, when I changed lenses. One of my dogs ran nearby and ran into a support, having brought down the chamber and me to the river».

The statistics is based on 88 claims about collecting money in favor of unfortunate photographers.

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