Pentax announced the economical chamber E70L

The E70L model announced now represents, according to the company statement, the chamber of initial level developed for beginners, looking for simplicity and convenience for small means.

Pentax announced the economical chamber E70L

By the way, there is a novelty of only $99,99, and the user receives for this sum 3х an optical zoom, 10 subject modes and become, as well as removal of claret eyes, a functional de facto abilities of definition of persons and the digital stabilization, allowing to avoid degradation in pictures.

Technical properties:

• 1/2,33" CCD matrix, 10,1 Megapixel
• 3x an optical zoom lens of 32 — 96 mm, f/2,9 — 5,2
• 2,4" LCD display, 112 000 pixels
• 11 MB of the integrated memory
• ISO 80 — 6400
• Definition to 10 persons in a shot, definition of smiles
• Dimensions: 93,5×60,5×26 mm
• Weight: 175 g

On regiments of shops the chamber will appear at the end of February.

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