Pentax K2000. Фнонс economical zerkalka

After rivals the economical model of the SLR camera was announced by the Pentax company. Against brutal price policy of rivals it is completely reasonable step. As well as it was supposed, the chamber will be called as Pentax K2000, for certain Pentax markets will deliver model under K-m title that, probably, assumes K-mini.

Pentax K2000. Фнонс economical zerkalka

Pentax K2000

The main differences from Pentax K200D — absence of protection against dust and water hit, more the highest speed of serial shooting, the Shadow Compensation function and ISO expanded to the 3200th range. The integrated flash became a little weaker also focus system too — not 11, but only 5 points of autofocusing.

Technical Pentax K2000 properties:

• 23,5×15,7 mm CCD sensor (krop-factor 1,5x), 10,2 Megapixels
• Shake Reduction-stabilization at the expense of matrix shift
• 2,7" TFT LCD display, 230 000 pixels
• Pentax K2000 view-finder: пентазеркало, 96 % shot covering, 0,85x increase
• The integrated flash, leading number 11@100 ISO
• 5-dot system of autofocusing of SAFOX VIII
• ISO 100 — 3200
• Shadow Compensation
• Speed of serial shooting for the first 5 JPEG or 4 RAW — 3,5 shots/c, the next speed — 1,1 shots/c before filling of the card (JPEG) or 7 RAW
• Dimensions of 122,5×91,5×67,5 mm, weight with batteries and a memory card — 625 гр.

Brightly that the Pentax K2000 chamber eats not for the account аккума, and at the expense of finger-type batteries.

Pentax also altered two whale lenses: 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 DA and 50-200mm F4.0-5.6 DA. They became a little easier and got a small letter of L (Lightweight) in the title.

The cost announced for England for Pentax K2000 18 — 55 a whale and AF200FG flash — 399 pounds sterling. Knowing practice of formation of the prices for Foggy Albion, it is possible to present the price in dollars — about $600. As well as always at the Pentax company, a ratio cost/functional — out of competition.

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