Pentax K2000 — snow-white as snow

The Pentax company by Christmas decided to amuse own admirers the newest version of own known zerkalka of initial level of K2000, having issued its limited version — white. Overwhelming mass of DSLR chambers of this level are issued either dark, or silvery.

Pentax K2000 — snow-white as snow

It will be delivered with 2 lenses — whale (18 — 55 mm, F3,5 — 5,6) and additional (50 — 200 mm, F4 — 5,6), naturally, too snow-white. The chamber possesses a CCD matrix of 10,2 Megapixels, large-format ZhKI-ekranom 2,7" with permission of 230 000 pixels.

Cost it is not declared yet, but the standard dark updating which has been let out in September, is on sale for $800. "Extremely limited" version will cost, naturally, it is more. That it will be more offensive to drop during svezhevypavshy snow — it is possible and not to find.

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