Photosynth will make volume model

of your photos

Microsoft started the fascinating Photosynth service allowing on the basis of a photo of a certain place to recreate it in volume and to travel on it.

Photosynth will make volume model

That Photosynth could stick together to you the district close to reality, 150 — 300 pictures are recommended.

The aaplet works under Windows XP and Vista, Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2 and 3 browsers. Microsoft does not guarantee correct work with Opera and other browsers. The user client weighs 8,2 MB and asks 256 MB of operative, 32 MB of a video memory and DirectX7.

Without considering own preparations, guests of the website can admire on beauty of the Stonehendge, the Taj Mahal, to have a look on the Sphinx and at other assemblies.

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