Platform for hybrid Ambarella A5 chambers: photo and video rolled into one

The Ambarella company declared availability of a platform to the hybrid chambers, executed in the form of single-crystal system. The A5 platform realizes the main functions, including photographing with permission of 10 megapixels, video filming in a format of the highest clearness and simultaneous shooting in 2 permissions, facilitating publication of materials in the Global network. Concluded in the small-sized case and the single-crystal system having low power consumption being a basis of A5, is suitable for creation of pocket devices.

The A5 family included three products: A530, A550 and A570. The A550 and A570 models are equipped with the serial interface supporting high-speed shooting. On the basis of each of the 3rd models the company prepared referens-design. Development on the basis of A530 is capable to take pictures permission to 10 Megapixels and to write down video in the compressed format with permission 720p (60 shots / c) and 1080p (30 shots / c). These functions in a design on the basis of A550 are added with format 1080i support (60 shots / c). Referens-dizayn A570 provides capture of shots by permission of 5,3 Megapixels with frequency of 60 times in a second that allows to keep pictures permission of 5,3 Megapixels (a ratio of the parties 16:9), without interrupting HD video filming.

In A5 methods of a shumopodavleniye, an existential filtration and movement compensation are realized. The platform provides definition of persons and other abilities, permitting to increase accuracy of focusing and definition of a good exposition. One of fascinating features is function of record of video at once in 2 formats: along with record in a format of the highest clearness record in the mobile format which is perfectly suitable for an exchange on a networks and playings on mobile devices is conducted.

Allegedly, A5 will open to hybrid chambers the road to the mass consumer — according to the developer, chambers on this platform will cost least $200. Their emergence in the market is expected in the current year.

Source: Ambarella

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