Researchers found a method printsipno it is better to make wide-angle lenses

Researchers from Princeton institute developed a new approach to obtaining the wide-angle image. Except a photo, development can find application in development of optical computers, semi-conductor production and medicine.

For modern lenses the compromise to honey a point of view and specification is characteristic — expanding shot borders, it is necessary to endow in the relative sizes and specification of objects getting to it. Such situation seems inevitable and having the fundamental bases. Meanwhile, scientists, seemingly, managed to grope an exit from it.

The thought consists in formation wide-angle drawings from a large quantity of more detalizovanny images made with the smallest point of view. If to assign this function to the chamber microprocessor, it will not cope, but whether it is possible to embody the respective decision by means of optical system?

As to specification loss because of small quantity of light reflected by details and dispersion in optical system, the answer positive — it is necessary to apply only so called nonlinear optical materials, researchers speak. Speaking in images, it allows to put on use the rays of light which were earlier "lost" on the way to the registrar. To chagrin, payment for application of the designated materials is image distortion. The essence of the development executed in Princeton, consists that scientists found a method of correction of distortions. On a trope of the operating project, in the received image «all parts of a scene look "confidants" at the same time».

Researchers found a method printsipno it is better to make wide-angle lenses

Correction of distortions relies on introduction of the hologram which is including, except usually fixed инфы about color and brightness, one more size — a phase. The role of a nonlinear lens plays a crystal of niobate of strontium-barium. Having processed the formed hologram on a difficult mathematical method, it is possible to "develop" the wide-angle image of the highest permission.

To chagrin, participants of the project do not call even approximate terms of commercialization of development, noting only a large quantity of areas of its potential introduction.

Source: AAAS

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