Ricoh Caplio GX-200. A new compact from Ricoh.

The executive director of the Ricoh company Shiro Kondo presented the latest small-sized Caplio GX-200 chamber on public tribunal. The device differs typical design and the rich functional which very tightly is coming nearer to mirror cameras. From fascinating functions it is necessary to emphasize expanded abilities of processing and the electric level, allowing not to "fill up" the horizon.

Ricoh Caplio GX-200. A new compact from Ricoh.

Technical properties:

• 1/1,7" CCD matrix, 12 Megapixels;
• mechanical stabilization at the expense of matrix shift;
• 3x a zoom lens, 24 — 72 mm in a 35-millimetric equivalent, f/2,5 — f/4,4, 11 parts in 7 groups;
• 2,7" TFT LCD display, 460 000 pixels;
• ISO range: 64 — 1600;
• microprocessor of processing of images: Smooth Imaging Engine III;
• fulfilled excerpts: 1/2000 — 180 c;
• video filming: 640×480@30 shots in a second;
• support of a format of the record RAW;
• dimensions: 111,6×58,0x25,0 mm;
• weight: 238 g.

Cost for an ordinary set of the camera — $700, for a set with the optical view-finder — $800. The beginning of sales is planned for July 1.

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